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Dreaming of long and straight hair without the wait? No doubt, the easiest way to offer your hair instant volume and length in the least possible time is permanent hair extension. This method lets you enhance the length and fullness of your hair without looking unnatural. And this is probably the reason why many individuals prefer hair extensions over hair transplants as well as other hair surgeries.

Being a leading hair extension salon, we at Hair Extensions Salon are well aware of all the above facts. That is why we got motivated to offer you the best-in-class hair extension services without affecting your real hair. From lace front wigs to halo hair extensions, our hair extension experts are competent in offering you a healthy hair extension at the most affordable price.

To make these extensions last for at least 6-8 months, we use micro rings or bonds just to attach them firmly to many strands. All of our hair extension services are completely free from any synthetic substances and made with 100% virgin hair.

So, you can completely count on us to make yourself attractive with our healthy human hair extensions.

Benefits of Using Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that hair extensions come with a number of benefits. One of the biggest benefits of hair extension is it offers instant volume and length to anyone’s hair without damaging their natural hair. So you can instantly change your short hair to long hair in no time with hair extensions. And most importantly, everything will be virtually undetectable. For those who are not blessed with long hair, here is a list of the benefits of using hair extensions.

They can hide split ends

​​Women who love long hair often struggle with split ends. The problem of split ends becomes more visible as your hair grows longer. Hair extensions can help you solve this problem by covering split ends. No doubt, the addition of hair extensions can offer your hair a healthier and more vibrant look and hide split ends to achieve your long hair looks.

Offer more volume to your hair

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve their voluminous, glossy red-carpet hairs? It is likely that the glossy and voluminous mane you are witnessing is the result of hair extensions added by a professional hair stylist. ​No doubt, they can instantly offer more volume and thickness to the hair, making it look not only attractive but also thick and bouncy.

Allow you to play with hairstyles

If you want to play around with different hairstyles but don’t have the length or concerned of damaging your natural hair, hair extensions could be your solution. Now you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow long or damage it from dyes or straightening irons anymore. Hair extensions are truly capable of offering the hairstyle of your dream.

They can give your hair a bold and bright color

It is no longer necessary for women to use hair extensions only to give their hair length. Hair extensions can also replace your hairstyles in an easy and quick manner. So, hair extensions can be considered a healthy and easy way to change the appearance of your hair without affecting your natural hair. Nowadays, every professional hair salon like Hair Extensions Salon offers bold and bright-colored hair extensions that don’t harm your hair. So you don’t have to be worried about the damage caused by hair coloring.

They can add the desired length to your hair

The process of growing out your hair requires time as well as patience. For example, depending on what length you aim for, you may have to wait a couple of years. But nowadays, it is possible to speed up the process with hair extensions. ​So, if you want to grow your hair faster to create an attractive style, hair extensions can be the best bet for you. You can even style them as well as cut them to create a subtle yet elegant look. If you want to go all out, you can even wear waist-length hair extensions.

Mistakes You Can Avoid in Extension Installation and Maintenance with Our Help

You can remain assured about the safety of your hair and a painless installation process when our professional stylists are taking care of it. The common mistake many people make is visiting any random salon without proper research. Not every salon has the expertise, experience, or infrastructure to render versatile hair extension services. Also, many salons make and install extensions made of inferior quality products and apply toxic elements like harmful adhesives for the installation. We always use medical-graded and skin-friendly products. So, with us, becoming a victim of allergic or other skin problems is never a concern. You can go through the reviews shared by our happy customers to trust us completely.

Once the installation is done, proper maintenance becomes essential to ensure the durability of the extensions. If you are not using the right tools, shampoos, and conditioners and not following the right maintenance measures, the extensions will get damaged within a short span. Also, lack of proper care can cause a lot of problems for your scalp and natural hair. However, with our consultation and a timely visit to our salon, you can enjoy complete peace of mind regarding the maintenance of the extensions.

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Services We Offer

We at Hair Extensions Salon feel proud to offer the following hair extension services in Omaha, NE at the most affordable price.

Lace Front Wigs

With lacy front wigs, you will get the appearance of a natural hairline as a sheer lace material runs along the forehead. There are many different types of front wigs in the market, such as Remy lace, synthetic lace front, 100% human hair lace front, and many more. We at Hair Extensions Salon proudly offer a wide variety of gorgeous lace front wigs with exclusive images, videos, and customer reviews.

Tapein Hair Extension

Tape-in hair extensions are designed with the aim of offering instant length and volume to hair. This type of hair extension is comfortable to wear due to its ultra seamless tape design that is pre-taped with medical-grade glue to hair. Our professional hair stylists are competent in offering semi-permanent extensions to your hair without making the process complex and painful.

Halo Hair Extensions

Choosing the right halo hair extensions in Omaha can be difficult since there are sometimes too many options. ​As a salon that specializes in hair extensions, we have maintained a team of professional hair stylists who are always ready to offer you heavenly hair in no time. This type of hair extension is ideal for anyone with thin to medium hair.

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-tip extensions are designed on the basis of a strand-by-strand application without using glue or heat. This type of hair extension is ideal for anyone with thinning hair around their hairline. The team of professional hair stylists at Hair Extensions Salon is truly capable of adding both length and volume to any hair type with our best-in-class I-tip extension services. If needed, they can also add flashes or highlights of color.

Sew-in Hair Extension

Sew-in hair extensions are treated as a temporary addition to anyone’s natural hair. The process of installing sew-in hair extensions requires a needle and thread for sewing down hair extensions onto the braids. The professional hair stylists at Hair Extensions Salon are truly capable of offering the best-in-class sew-in hair extension installation services that guarantee not only quality outcomes but also great care with good customer service.

Hair Extensions for All Hair Types

We at Hair Extensions Salon offer all the above-mentioned hair extension services for different types of hair. We also install hair extensions for braids, thin hair, short hair, and curly hair also.

​Besides that, we also offer maintenance services to upkeep your hair extensions. These maintenance services will surely boost the longevity of your hair extension.

What are Our Clients Saying?

Hair Extensions Salon has an excellent reputation in the local market for offering the best-in-class hair extension services including lace front wigs, tape-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, halo hair extensions, i-tip extensions, and other hair extensions for all hair types. In fact, we have already received countless testimonials from our happy customers regarding our hair extension services. Let’s explore what they are saying about our hair extension services.

Hair Extensions Salon is a premier natural human hair extensions and wigs service provider in Omaha, NE. Their team of world-class hair stylists has decades of experience and immense knowledge about different types of hair extensions and the techniques used for permanent hair extensions. We would like to recommend them to everyone.

- Amelia

“This place is the best! I have had hair extensions 3 times from Hair Extensions Salon. I can’t express how much of amazing jobs their hair stylists did. I am so happy that I found this salon. If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, you must visit Hair Extensions Salon.”

- Ava

“So, if you are looking for a professional hair extension salon in Omaha, NE, look no further rather than Hair Extensions Salon.

​ For more information regarding our hair extension and maintenance services, feel free to reach us without any hesitation.”

- Emma

“Thank Hair Extensions Salon for the lovely and professional hair extension installation service you provided to make my hair look more attractive. Your team of professional hair stylists is next to perfect. I really loved the way they installed tape-in hair extensions to my hair.”

- Charlotte

“Hair Extensions Salon has a wide collection of the most beautiful hair extensions in Omaha, NE. From lace front wigs to I-tip extensions, you will find every type of hair extension solution in their salon. There is no way to deny the fact that I look more beautiful than ever. And I have already received so many compliments from my friends, colleagues, and family members on how great my hair looks with them.”

- Olivia

“I was looking for a professional hair extension salon in Omaha, NE, and that’s when I came to know about Hair Extensions Salon. I really loved the way they completed the hair extension installation to my”

How to Choose the Hair Extension Lengths?

It is always important for everyone to match the length of their natural hair with hair extension lengths. This will actually ensure that every people perceive the hair extension as their natural hair.

​In case you have curly hair, pull your hair straight with a comb and measure the length using a measuring tape. After that, go and purchase hair extensions as per the measured length. ​

As a leading hair extension salon, we at Hair Extensions Salon take pride in offering different types of hair extensions with different hair extension lengths as well as colors. Don’t hesitate to shop our store today to find the best hair extension for your hair.

Cost for Hair Extensions

The cost of hair extensions depends on several factors, including the type of hair extension, the amount of hair you need, and, most importantly, the method of application. The average hair extension cost can range between $200 and $500.

​But if you opt for permanent hair extensions, they might cost a little bit higher. However, while considering the hair extensions cost, you should also include the cost associated with the maintenance of hair extensions.

No doubt, you will have to refresh and revive your permanent hair extensions from a professional hair stylist as your natural hair grows.

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