Halo Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a natural effect for your hair and want to give it a voluminous appearance, our Halo hair extensions will be the best pick for you. With our Halo extensions, you can also remain assured that no damage will be done to your hair. At Hair Extensions Salon Omaha, our team of professional hair stylists is passionate about giving you a complete makeover on the go with Halo hair extensions.

Halo hair extensions are known for being designed keeping the comfort of the wearer in mind. Also, with professional installation, anyone can hardly separate the extension from your natural hair. Further, Halo hair extensions are easy to maintain, and the upkeep becomes even easier with our professional consultation. So, if you want to get the dream look you have been craving for so long, get in touch with our hair extension salon today. 

Our Halo Hair Extensions Come in Various Sizes to Meet Everyone's Needs with Proper Installation

These hair extensions come with pre-included wires, eliminating all the worries related to fitting. Once you choose a hair extension from us, we will help you pick the correct wire size. Choosing the correct wire size is important to ensure that the extension does not become loose or fall off your scalp. We also make sure that the wire of the extension is not placed very high or low on your head. We always install the extension around the crown of the wearer’s head to ensure a snug and stylish fit.

Most importantly, the wire should be gently placed against your skin to avoid any irritation. The wire should not become wobbly even if you are shaking your head fast.

With Halo Hair Extensions, You are Never Stuck With a Particular Hair Style

​Halo extensions are more flexible than other semi-permanent extensions. They are very easy to wear and take off. Some people can manage the entire process of wearing or taking off on their own, but if you are doing it for the first time, it is always better to take our professional help to get the perfect fit. Nevertheless, since the installation and taking off processes are very easy, you can get rid of the previous extension and apply a new one whenever you are bored with your look. The wire of these extensions is very thin. So, as already mentioned, the wire practically becomes invisible post-installation. We also add a layer of hair over the installed hair to hide the wire. Further, these extensions allow you to experiment with your hairstyle, including low ponytails and half-up-half-down styles. 

Once you get a Halo hair extension from us, you can curl, blow dry, straighten or style it as you can do with your natural lashes. However, you must use a hair protectant spray before experimenting with the texture and style of these extensions to ensure their longevity. Also, we recommend getting the extensions styled and textured by our experts, as they can bear heat up to a certain level. In other words, your natural hair can bear high heat, but anything higher than 120 degrees C can damage these extensions.