I-Tip Extensions

I-Tip Extensions Giving You a Stylish Look Without Damaging Your Hair

If you are looking for semi-permanent and individual hair extensions, it’s time you try our I-Tip variations. We never install these extensions in wide wefts. On the contrary, the installation is done strand by strand. Further, each strand comes with a keratin tip secured to the natural hair with the help of copper tubes or micro rings. The entire installation process of I-Tip extensions is very gentle and does not require using heat or glue. So, with the installation of these extensions, you can remain assured that no damage will be caused to your hair.

Many people know I-Tip extensions by the name of “stick hair extensions,” “micro ring hair extensions,” and “stick up hair extensions.” Falling into the semi-permanent category, these extensions can last from three to twelve months, depending on the quality. Thus, you get the flexibility to change your hairstyle within a short span of time. The installation of these I-Tip extensions serves multiple purposes. First of all, you get a greater volume or length according to your requirement. Furthermore, if you want to add a pop of cool colors to your hair strands, these extensions will be a smart pick for you.


You Can Remain Assured of Durability Once You Choose I-Tip Extensions from Hair Extensions Salon Omaha

We assure you of the durability and quality of the extensions as we make them using premium quality human hair and synthetic materials. So, you can enjoy a stylish appearance for months without visiting a salon very frequently. However, the durability of the extensions does not depend on the material only. To ensure a longer shelf life for the extensions, we take good care of them and share complete upkeep guidance with the wearers after the installation.

In addition, how long the extensions will maintain their appearance also depends on their color. For example, extensions with very light or dark shades are likely to get damaged quickly. Also, extensions with shorter lengths offer better durability than longer ones. But you do not need to get confused in picking the most suitable I-Tip extension for you, as our professional hair styling experts will help you in selecting and installing the extensions. 

I-Tip Hair Extensions from Hair Extensions Salon Omaha Offer Many Benefits

Ideal for people with thick and average volume, I-Tip extensions are best suited for ones with short locks. Further, our extensions are beautifully woven using the best material. So, with the installation of these, you can expect a complete transformation of your look without encountering much hassle. Once you see and feel the extensions, the shine and softness will surely impress you.

I-Tip extensions, also known as cold fusion, help you avoid the irritating installation process of hot fusion. So, you don’t have to spend three to four hours installing these installations, and no damage is caused to the hair strands due to excessive use of heat. Furthermore, I-Tip strands are very light in weight. So you will not feel like carrying too much weight with the installation of these extensions. Moreover, the installation of these extensions remains discreet so that no one can differentiate artificial extensions from your natural hair.