Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are ideal if you want to get lush and stylish hair. We add sew-in hair extensions to your hair temporarily to serve versatile purposes. For example, with the installation of extensions, you can enjoy increased volume or length. Also, you can change your locks’ color by installing sew-in hair extensions.

As the name suggests, the sew-in hair extensions are stitched to your natural hair. We use a process called wefting or sewing for the installation of these types of extensions. Further, the entire installation of sew-in hair extensions comprises three steps. At first, we clean the hair and prepare it. Then, we attach the extension to your natural hair. Finally, we style the hair and the extension for a fashionable look. 

What You Can Expect by Getting Sew-In Hair Extensions from Our Salon

At Hair Extensions Salon Omaha, you can primarily get two variations in the materials of sew-in hair extensions. We use premium quality synthetic material for making sew-in extensions that come at a lesser price. You will also find more expensive ones made with natural human hair. The extensions made of natural hair are easy to style and color.

However, synthetic ones cannot be styled or heated without professional assistance. Nevertheless, it does not matter what type of sew-in hair extension you are choosing from us. Here are some benefits you can expect by getting sew-in extensions from us. 

Variety of Options
We make a variety of sew-in extensions in different textures and colors. Also, with these types of extensions, you do not need to worry about the length and volume of your hair. Once these extensions are added, your hair will look more voluminous and longer instantly. The installation process of these extensions is also quite versatile. We use heat or air drying for installation according to your preference.

Sew-In Hair Extensions Get Installed Very Firmly
The sew-in hair extensions are physically stitched to your natural hair strands. So the extensions do not become loose or fall off your scalp easily. Further, since no glue is used in the installation of these extensions, you don’t need to worry about damage to your hair or scalp.

Gives You a Natural and Flawless Look
During installation, these extensions are sewn to your natural hair with threads of the color of your hair. So, the roots of the extensions do not get highlighted, and you can always flaunt a natural look. 

Consult Hair Extensions Salon Omaha for Getting Sew-In Hair Extensions

We recommend sew-in hair extensions because they do not interfere with the natural growth and health of the hair. Also, these types of extensions need minimum maintenance as you have to wash them only once within the span of two weeks. However, washing your hair with sew-in extensions needs professional assistance. We use sulfate-free and gentle shampoo and conditioner for washing hair and scalp if one has sew-in extensions. Also, we use a paddle brush or comb with wide teeth to ensure the shampoo and conditioner are spread across all hair roots evenly. In addition, we make sure that the braids under the sew-in extension are properly dried up after every wash to avoid mildew or fungus growth on the scalp.

So, if you want to buy a sew-in hair extension and get it installed and maintained, contact Hair Extensions Salon Omaha without any hesitation.