Tape-In Hair Extensions

Choosing the Best Tape-in Hair Extensions from Hair Extensions Salon Omaha

Comfort is guaranteed when you choose the tape-in hair extensions from Hair Extensions Salon Omaha. These are lightweight and breathable, making you feel comfortable. So, even if you are wearing them for long hours, your scalp will not get sweaty, and the extension will not pull your natural hair strands. Here are the things you can expect by buying tape-in hair extensions from us. 

Tape-in Hair Extensions: The Latest Favorite of Fashionistas

The tape-in extensions from Hair Extensions Salon Omaha are the perfect fusion of style and innovation. Today, in many cases, women are choosing tape-in hair extensions over other favorite or clip-in ones. As experts in making and installing hair extensions, we want to say that tape-in extensions are widely preferred due to the luxurious volume they offer in the quickest, easiest, and most non-invasive way. Further, our tape-in extensions do not cause any damage to your scalp or hair.

These extensions even allow you to experiment with your style. Being breathable and light-in-weight, these also ensure the convenience of the wearer. So, if you want to choose the best tape-in hair extension, you can consult Hair Extensions Salon Omaha without hesitation. We will help you choose the best one from our widest collection of tape-in hair extensions and will make you familiar with the installation process. Also, we will share all the details with you regarding the proper maintenance of these hair extensions.

Washing Your Hair is Possible with These Extensions

You need to wash your hair with the extension properly so that the adhesive strip does not accumulate excess oil or dirt. Otherwise, the extension can fall off your scalp at any time. We recommend using alcohol-free shampoos made of natural ingredients for keeping your hair extension and scalp clean. 

Does Not Interfere with Your Fitness Regime

These hair extensions are extremely breathable and easily washable. So, you can wear them during strenuous workout sessions. You can even blow dry your hair strands and roots on the cool setting of your dryer once you return home from the gym. This will also keep the adhesive tape dry and help avoid tension while combing or washing your hair. 

Extensions with Different Hair Textures

From wavy to curly and silky straight, you will find tape-in hair extensions with various textures in our salon. We will help you choose the ideal texture according to your natural hair so that the extension does not look out of place when your natural hair grows a little.

Premium Quality

We use the best materials for making hair extensions so that you can wear them for long hours without thinking about allergic reactions. Also, we pre-color the extensions for customization. 

Trust Us for the Impeccable Installation of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Do not think of going for the DIY method in getting the tape-in hair extensions installed. These extensions, usually measuring 1 to 1.5-inch need to be taped on a one-on-one basis. We use medical-grade glue to tape these extensions to your hair to avoid any toxic or allergic reactions. Further, we do not use any type of chemical in the installation process to prevent damage to the scalp or your natural hair. When your hair grows up longer, we can also help you by removing the tape-in hair extensions in a painless manner.